August 19, 2008

Package Pour Moi

That's right, readers! With the Amazon bonus I received after purchasing my new lens (Which, by the way, you can see working here. Love it!), I finally bought a Baker's Edge pan. I have been ogling this baby for a while now, as a professed chewy edge-lover. I am known to be the edge-stealer, often mutilating the food in the process. But it is absolutely worth it! I love me some edge pieces. Well, now my family is spared the mess. Every piece will be an edge piece!

What shall I make first? Some brownies? Cookies? Quick bread? Nah, too obvious. Look forward to some meatloaf with chipotle maple glaze. Yum! You know how the edges of the glaze get all crusty and gorgeous? Multiply that times ten. Not only that, but this pan cooks quicker and more evenly! I have a feeling this pan will be the inspiration of many recipes to come.

In other news, my cat gave me a nice little photoshoot today while I was finishing Jane Eyre. To see the rest of the pictures, go to my Flickr page.

If you ever read Get Fuzzy (every cat owner should!), you can fully appreciate this Bucky impression. So cute!